why our boutique purveys uniqueness

at lucky + lola boutique in dallas, texas, we are mindful of the way women select the clothes they wear and how some choose to set trends instead of simply following them.

we are home to creative and expressive fashion finds, classics with a twist, and slightly irreverent pieces that’s will help any woman to find a way to express her own personal style.

Lucky + Lola

fashion that stands out

our owner/buyer nichole believes in styling classic and some trend driven pieces in ways that allow your personality to be expressed. dressing yourself should be a fun way to communicate to others without ever having to say a word.

wear what feels good

our company is owned and managed by nichole fiorentino. she curates and carefully inspects every item she brings into lucky + lola. in this way, she makes sure any clothing you buy and wear, makes you feel good, and feels good.